60$ roadside assistance in los angeles county (LA) call 2135297033

Jumpstart - Car lockout - Fuel delivery 
 tire change

 Call 2135297033


  1. Gentleman advised me that they "don't sell tires, but we come take your tire off, and go get it fixed for you.
    I ask what forms of payment he accepts, "cash or card" he says.
    *Me "So I pay when you've finished replacing the tire?"

    *Gentleman "No, you pay before we take your tire off."

    ...Hahahaha...Hokay, HAHAHAHAHA...Thx bye."

  2. And, no joke, he had a Nigerian accent. 😂
    And yes, I know how it sounds - my first bf was from Lagos State.
    It's just that, with all the:
    "Send me $1,200 so I can claim my royal inheritance of 4 million - and pay you back $250,000" schemes circulating, that the idea of giving cash or cc info to a perfect stranger to take my tire on faith, struck me right in the funny-bone. 😂


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